Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday and working and thinking:)

Saturday night Miss Peyton spent the night with me, I was suppose to have Cole but Sarah had a Kidney stone, she thinks and stayed at her mother’s with him, she is better nowSmile) but I missed seeing him and having time with him.  When I went into Jenn’s to see what the Hogs were doing Peyton and Jack came back to my house with meSmile and of course Peyton wanted to spend the night. Then Sunday they had to go to Jenn’s Nanny's and I went to Journey church, Alex preached a good sermon, got me to thinking about what I fight for in my life, and what happened when Hezekiah did not fight for his children and our next generationSmile heavy thoughts!  came home, Steve and Sean were hunting, just hung out at the house, needed to clean it but just did not feel like cleaning. Then went to and Scott had a good message on radical faith, they had people for The Call there to talk about foster care in Arkansas, so many needs and so few people to help meet them. I at this time do not feel the call to foster or adopt but may get involved in advocacy for the foster children, just have to keep praying and know this is where God wants me to be involved.  Its weird, Journey is still in the beginning stages of a church, it is small but powerful, has loving people, and for sure serving people. just change their name from Mercy Cross and started with eight people 10 years ago and now has two church's and three services on Sunday, has hundreds of people and so may out reach projects, I think I learn form both of them, I can see what I can do to help in Journey church to reach the people and things to be involved in as a church through if this makes any sense!  anyway I go to bothSmile I go journey Sunday am and thatchurch Sunday pm, when I can, I Am in a step study for a few more months on Wed. night and Thursday night is Celebrate Recovery, it is a group for addicts and people with habits, hurts and hang-ups. God is putting on my heart to do a group, or I should say lead a group, just not sure when or how or whereSmile just praying about it. I consider Journey my church, so who knows what God can do,maybe I am to do a group there, just not sure. To change the subject for all those who read my blog and are not ADDSmile Well I listed 15 pieces of property and have to get busy on all the paper work, sold my listing on the lake in Higdon Ar. and will have a full day of work on paper work and getting signaturesWinking smile Still working on getting mother’s house closed….always such a stress to close loans, where are the good ole days????? Excited about going on my cruise this Sunday, YES, this SUNDAY!!

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