Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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I teach a class in real Estate, in that class I cover dress code, confidence and presenting your self. I am of the mind when I walk out my front door, I am at work and need to look professional, for sure when I am in the office, showing property, listing a home, I look professional…..I usually have some agents challenge this, my reasoning for dressing the part is, YOU! How do you feel about your self? I have agents challenge that tooSmile I am a people observer and love to watch people, I am on a cruise right now and have watched people, tonight was Elegant night for dinning, I realized what I teach is , when the men are in suits, ties, dress clothes, they stood tall, for sure had their lady on their arm, was more attentive to others needs, had better manors at the dinning table, the ladies were totally strutting their stuff, walked with back straight, had a air of excitement about them, sat with better table manors, so what was the difference in casual night, some of the men had ball hats on, slump some as they walked, they sometimes walked in front of the lady, they would make different gestures, like rub their tummy, belch (UGH) , they were not as refined as when in formal wear, the ladies were different too, they walked normal, not tall and proud, they were more casual in the way they sat at the table, they were louder, slouched some…….my point in all this, IF you have a job where you present your self to the public and you have to sell your self, then its you who has to feel good about your self. When you have dressed to your best, have your best foot forward you have more confidence and are prepared to radiate your confidence in who you are and what you do, people see you as a professional and you stand apart from the others who my be slouchy and less confident. We have only seconds for people to size us up and decide if we are the one they want to work with, so make that second count! It may mean the difference between success and failure. When you as a person think you look good, you will feel better and mentally you draw energy from that, it changes your out look of the day…think on days its just a stay home PJ day, your sluggish, not motivated, if you get out you say I hope I do not see anyone I knowSmile and you do. These days are ok, but they need to be far and few between if your in sales. So my advice to you, is dress for success, be ready to sell yourself, stand tall, look people in the eye, take pride in your profession, make a difference in the world today!

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