Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beautiful Day to update

Yesterday was a very full day, sales meeting, property tour, lunch with my friend Pam and then I call bingo at Foxridge assisted living ctr., mother goes with me:) then back to the office to work. Today the Averitt girls ( two of them ) came over while Jenn took Mikka to the Dr. for her shots:( they played and just left. I have the bug people coming to mother's to spray her attic, she had a scorpion in HER HOUSE! so they bait the attic??? then to lunch with Alicia and then to the office, then to step study...whhhhhheeeewwww making me tired!

I will update you on mother, she seems her memory is worse to me and her care givers, she does not recognize things, like the refrigerator, like she will want to get her a drink but not know how or where to go to get it:((( She looks great and feels great, she did not want to go and get her hair done this am, it is real hard for her to do anything of the mornings, I will need to stop doing that, she goes at 11:00am so she can see Luella, but I can see that is going to have to stop, I may find a place over here for her to go. It will be so much easier to go in the afternoons and closer. I read where you have to live n their world and quit trying to make them live in yours, and that is so true:( but hard, I always think mother will want to do this or enjoy this only to realize she likes being home where she feels safe and secure:) she does enjoy getting out but she is always confused when you go home on where will she go, will she be alone, does she have a home, so so sad:((((( Keep her in your prayers:) worries me leaving the country to go on a cruise, I am trying to cover all my basis before I leave:)
Steve will be having surgery on both arms, the first in January, it is unlner nerve surgery, then he has cataracts, so when the times comes he will have that surgery, it is hard getting old:(( April is still living at the Harris's doing what she wants to do, I still miss her, she is not the same April that moved out months ago, I hope she will grow up in the right way and lean on the Lord. Hannah is real sick with her pregnancy, she is three months so will not be long and we will know what she is having:))) Kay's test came out ok, she sees her heart Dr. soon, she is feeling better.
Keep Alicia in your prayers she is dragging had several test done and they are all ok, but she just is not feeling well, she goes to her primary Dr. today. Work is good, busier then I want to be right now, feels like I have to push myself each day in that area, just have a I want to stay home attitude:)) glad I 've lost weight so its not so hard to push me:)) Excited about the Holiday's! I love this time of year:)) well best go and get ready to work:)) hugs and hope you have a great day!

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Carla said...

Linda, I pray everyday for your Mother and mine. Not an easy life and truly NOT the life we want for our precious MOMS. I do believe WE have to change our schedule and not expect them to change their schedules to meet OUR needs. Prayers to you!!!