Saturday, November 20, 2010

Total rest day! on our way home

I say am I ready to be home?  Yes I am, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving with my family, really looking forward to the whole month of December, I hope we get some snowSmile This day started with a beautiful sunrise, first I have been up to see,sea day last day 001 sea day last day 002 , sea day last day 003 sea day last day 004then a facial,neck and shoulder massage, Steve and I have totally pampered our self! The spa staff here are all professionals in their fields, some of the very best in the world, it shows. Then we went to breakfast, we have had room service every day till today, we had eggs benedict and pancakes, it was sooooo good, I had a cappuccino, I have never ate the much in three yearsSad smile I am sure, I have gained but will get back on track tomorrow! Just goes to show Lap Band is a tool, you have to be disciplined for it to work and this week I have not been disciplined!sea day last day 013did I get a tattoo?????? Oh my! we went to the pool from 11ish till 3ish, they have live music and games,sea day last day 006 such fun, then ate againsea day last day 011, everything on the second plate has something chocolate, it was a chocolate buffet, my sister would go crazy and the little wonton looking things were crisp, warm and full of chocolate, the cake was white chocolate, the truffle was home made, the cup had rice pudding, the best I have ate!  The other plate had two tacosSmilesea day last day 007view from our chairs, I have video of pool I can post when I get in USA, you will love the music!! Tonight its bingo then a talent show and they have a drawing fro a free cruise, hope I win! I will miss this life style but ready fro the real world, I miss it…..guess I am at a place in my life that I am more content with my family all aroundSmile This has been a wonderful time for Steve and I,pics 006 we have danced,pics 005 played games, rested, ate, sat on balcony,talked and listened to each other, watched movies, gave massages,shopped, ate, watched people, acted totally crazy, ate, slept all night every night like we were just cuddled in a warm blanket, the boat gently rocks you, I can not believe how much better I slept, ate, meet people from every where, prayed, read our bibles, worked our studies, blogged Smile missed our family and talked about Christmas, just had a rip roaring good time, my best friend and I am his! Did I say ate???pics 007pics 012me and my buddy, friend, hubby,lover, soul mate for life…… matter what may come or what may go, we are here to stay!

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Alicia said...

OMgosh!!! A tattoo??????? Love it! I love all the pics of you and dad. Makes me feel so secure and I'm 37 years old....children never grow old of their parents loving each other.

BUT..........Please come home soon!!!! Love and miss you both!!