Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grand Cayman diving…yeaaaaa baby!

We came into Grand Cayman today and it was storming, diving grand caymen 001

diving grand caymen 002diving grand caymen 004diving grand caymen 008Grand Cayman, this was another ship in port, they were using their life boats to tender people to shore, due to the reefs, you anchor out and tender to shore, I thought there is no way I can do that, their little boats were rocking in the storm!! Thankfully we had bigger tenders that took usSmile shore was close, like may 5-8 minutesdiving grand caymen 006diving grand caymen 005A pirates shipSmile for tours for families.  We got to shore and then met up with our drive crew and went to a dive shop about five minutes away, we were doing a shore dive, NOW it has been awhile since I have dived, and my last ocean dive was a night mare, so I was a little nervous, Steve had gone to the bath room and I started needing to clear my throat, then realized I was about to have a panic attack, in which I have not had in years, I got hold of my self, people around thought I was choking on some water, because I got a drink to quit chocking, when Steve came back, tears were rolling down my cheeks and I was just trying to get my voice back, but was ok, I did not have a attack was able total my way through it, but it let me know how nervous I really felt.  I donned my gear and jumped into the ocean with my big girl panties on!  Remember it was to be a shore dive?? which means you walk backwards into the ocean on a sandy beach, but instead we jump off a retainer wall about 6 feet above the ocean, the ocean was crystal clear, even with it being a cloudy day and a storm had past through, it was absolute beautiful, it did not take me long and I adapted and was very confortable. I would never dive without Steve, I am sure he is so thankful I am not so helpless and dependent on him on land as I am under water…..he would go crazy worrying about me…Smile I have so many pics but they have to be developed, we saw a school of big squid, several different kind of fish, coral, sea urchins and a conch shell with a live conk in it, if that is what it wasWinking smile I actually stood on the bottom of the ocean about 33 feet deep, which is not real deep but deep enough for me!! I really loved it and do not know why it makes me so nervous but it does, something about being in the ocean with all that marine life and totally being out of control…….hummmm now that could be a whole different post! Grand Cayman has so much to do, shopping, eating, site seeing, so many water sports….it’s a net place anyone would love it!diving grand caymen 011diving grand caymen 015the toilets in the restaurant we ate lunch at, the food was real god, we ate at breeze’s,  diving grand caymen 016they had mararitavile but I jusy took pics of itdiving grand caymen 018diving grand caymen 017

Came back to ship and took shower, tonight is formal night at dinning, so we will dress upSmile they take a lot of pics….you get tired of pics being tookSmile esp. since I take so many!! Just so you will know, I do know you do not put two!! when you write, but I do, because it means !!! in my way of writing.  Going to listen to some music tonight and dance a few dances, I love to dance, love to sing too but do not do that….I am sure everyone on the ship is glad!!  I am not sure I said this yesterday, I had wanted to play Texas Hold em, but it intimidates me, they have auto mated one in the casino, I watched the instructions on the TV and realized it is like playing on face book, so I knew I would know when to bid or raise, and took a hundred dollars and sat down, I played for about thirty minutes and had 435 dollars, had some men at the table grumblingSmile when I sat down one of them said, you gonna have to watcher her, I just sat there, not sure what I was doing, I had a full house and this man had Q’s and J’s and went all in, I called and won, he was totally flabbergasted.  I said I had too, I had a full house…… I played a couple more hands and left with my winnings, they are just to serious for me,  get upset if you beat them! So Steve and I came to our room and went to bed about 11ish, its hard after you eat dinner about 8:30 not to be ready for bed, and there is so much to see and do at night, but we get so sleepy…..guess we are getting older, although there are so many older then us on this cruise ….well best go and get ready for dinner…tomorrow Cozumel, Mexico and shopping!!! yeah mon!!

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Alicia said...

I laughed so hard about the comment saying dad is probably glad you aren't as depended on him out of the water as you are in! I can't wait to see the underwater pics!! Squid??? Really!!!! Fun!! Love you!