Saturday, November 13, 2010

One more go to sleep!!

I am getting so excited and can not believe I booked a cruise, glad I did it when I was impulsive and had just got a big check, if it were today I would not have spent the money:))) We are going on a Eastern Caribbean cruise, snorkeling in Jamaica and diving in Grand Caymans, shopping in Mexico:)) Its for seven days!! The nest thing is no phone, or communication to my world as I know it! It is a real vacation with people waiting on you and 24 hour room service! My house is real clean, Marty cleaned it for me yesterday, so I come home to clean, I wanted to get my Christmas out and put Thanksgiving up but decided against it, since it would have to be done today:) and I have to get nails done and toes done, hair cut, a little bit of work left, then pack and go to sleep, we are leaving at 3am!! Board ship around noonish:)0 Toooooo excited!! Going to visit mother, may take her to do her nails with me, if she wnats to go, yesterday her mind seemed so clear, was good to see her inside:))) wish it would always be like that!! I will miss my family and friends and believe it or not work, I get home sick real easy:) but I will have my hubby and a cruise is so romantic :) well best start my day!! love and hugs to all, will post when I can and have pictures!!!

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