Sunday, November 28, 2010

Great full and Thankful! fun filled family time:)

Sean and Sarah

Cole with his pop gun

Shooting the dog

my little razorbacks...Jenn dresses them a like and made their shirts:0

Girls doing nails:)

Mother wocking Victoria:)) lady in pic is Connie one of her caregivers

Jack reading to sweet!

Cole eating lunch

The big kids went to the Razorback game that we won! Steve and I had Grand babies all day Sat. and today, so much fun and a much needed distraction!! We stayed in all day Saturday, having Alexandria Victoria and Jack was really nice, they totally helped so much! Jack read to Cole, so sweet, Cole loved having Jack with him, we were eating lunch and Jack went to get something, Cole said, where Jack go?? so cute!! He said daddygrand too, that's a hard one!! Victoria was telling him to say RooRoo, her nick name:) We had Mikka the baby, Laila the 2 yr old, Peyton the 3 yr. old, Cole is 1 yr. old, believe it or not, it all went well, we even got breakfast and We went to church this am, which I needed, they prayed for Steve and I and April, I needed that:) then went to eat Chinese food, then took Alexandria and Victoria to get their nails done for being such help, with out me asking:) then went to mother's, mother wanted Victoria to sit with her and rock:) Mother was a little more confused today but enjoyed our visit, this may be from all the outings she has had htis week, April is with her tonight and tomorrow till 4pm when Kay comes to spend the night, it is suppose to pour rain all day and get colder, I wanted to do my Christmas decorating tomorrow but not sure I can get it all out in the rain, I have it in a storage bld.:(( will have to wait and see, Steve is going hunting in early am with Sean, I will have work till afternoon, then will see what to do......I will keep Amelia tomorrow night for Jill to go to ladies group, can not wait to see miss Amelia, they have all been sick so have not seen her through the Holidays...I love this time of year, its a time I can focus on my family and just love on them and I love that! It brings me great joy to be with them, I had some good one on one time with my grand girls this week, and my daughters:) Keep us in your prayers, I am believing God is in control and faithful!! hugs and nite


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