Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time Flys

Can you believe it is the end of Septemebr 2010!!! The time is just flying by for me, this week has been fun and full as you well know with my grandgirls, Jenn and Jared got home today and miss Mikka was happy to see her momma, Jenn may not get to sit her down:) They took Steve and I to Benihannia's tonight:) sooooooo good!! Then I went and showed Gristmill, mother's house, I do think I will sell it to this young man:)) April took mother to the Dr. today, they put her on a antibiotic and dose pac, it is a bite of some sort and it looks angry, but is better. Mother and April went to the mall then came home, the weather has been beautiful today and they had a good day in being out, tomorrow mother is to get her hair fixed but has said she just thinks she will wait:) April just called me and mother had step on and killed a scorpion.....UGH!!!!! Lord help, I will call the exterminator first thing tomorrow! It is always something:(((( but we will for sure get rid of any bugs:))) or critters:))

Well I am tired, I have a full day tomorrow with work and then step study, the best things about grand babies is when you are tired you can give the babies to the parents and get the rest you need, when your the parent you get rest when ever you can...if you can:) Today brought back memories of when my were small, just a good day with the babies::)))

whoooo whoooo....October looks like it will be over a million in closed deals for me:))

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