Sunday, September 19, 2010


foundation (also called a groundsill) is a structure that transfers loads to the earth. Foundations are generally broken into two categories: shallow foundations and deep foundations.
Tonight as we were coming home from church I looked at a bank being built, I have watched it going up, first they cleared the ground, the they excavated the dirt and compacted it for the foundation, then dug the footings, now have actually poured the concrete foundation and have steel piers coming out of I looked at it tonight, I was reminded of what it takes to have a firm foundation and what can happen to that bank IF they took any short cuts on preparing the soil and footings and pouring the concrete for the foundation, that is the strongest part of any structure, for without the foundation being strong the building will have major problems! Now, I am saying all this to share what was in my thoughts of all this, the things that happen in our life from childhood to now is what goes in on our life to ready us for our foundation, we feel some things totally cleared us out of who we thought we were, we may have big rocks of hurt and pain that get removed, we may have loose soil or sandy soil that has to be dug up and replaced with good soil, in our lives sometime we are shook to the core then a dozer comes and totally flattens us out, when we think we may not make it and life has dealt us some hard blows then the soil is compacted and we are ready for the foundation, now I believe God uses all those things in our life to prepare the soil for a strong foundation of His healing, His forgiveness, His Righteous in our life, God begins to pour the slab and make His foundation in our life, then He will erect the structures. When our life is built on our own foundation and it can be, it will crack, we will be unstable and double minded, we will desire our ways and we will build on it, only to find out that it will not stand the winds and storms that blow through our life, I can not image God not being my foundation when I was told Jared had cancer, or when My first born grandson did not make it, when I thought I could not make it any longer in my marriage, when my children had pains in their life that I could not fix, when I found out mother had Alzheimer's, when Walt past away suddenly, when my sister had a brain aneurysm, when my son went through a divorce, when I was told I had Kidney cancer and had acute pancreatitis in the hospital so sick,.......the list can go on and on and on, just as your can, with life' storms and hurts and pain. When we humbly come to God and ask Him to be in charge of our life that He is our boss and friend then He begins to use all those storms to create your firm foundation and He is the anchor to it, NOTHING that comes your way can knock you off, you may feel like it has, but all in all the foundation is there and it is holding you, I know when my niece lost her sweet Cameron in a accident, I wondered how her life could go on, how do you keep going after the death of a child? I do not know but I have seen people I love keep on putting one foot before the other, they have a firm foundation that can weather life's storms, and I have seen Susan began to rebuild her life, which tells me how faithful God is in our lives. If your walking around out there wondering what to do in situations look at your foundation, if it is shaky then its probably built on your desires and it will falter, seek the Lord and ask Him to help you build your life on Him, with Him being in total control........this is not always easy either because I like to do what Linda likes to do and that is not always what God likes for me to do, so I am praying for God to help me walk in His light, my preacher said you can not turn out darkness, which is true but you can turn up the light in your life and it will take care of any darkness:)) I actually have two preacher's in my life, Alex Averitt at Journey church and Scott Harness at Mercy Cross, not sure how that has happened but we go to both Church's and love it, Alex's meets on Sunday pm and MC On Sunday am, that is getting ready to change, Alex's is going back to Sunday am, so then MC will be at 5pm:) either way God knows what I need and for now I need them both in my life:) Anyway that was some of my thoughts on foundations, I want to be built on the solid rock of Jesus, not the sinking sand of the world and my fleshy desires:))) I love it when my mind will just start thinking about all this, the Lord speaks to me in simple ways:) hope it has spoke to you...... one other thing, my marriage has made it and is making it and I did not have Kidney cancer, but was told twice that I did:((( but its a cyst on my Kidney that is not cancer:) My sister went though surgery and is fine, my son has three daughters and a wonderful wife, God continues to answer prayers in my life and my hope is built on nothing less then Jesus Christ my Righteous, on Christ the SOLID ROCK I STAND!


Anonymous said...

Love it!

Lana Suffridge said...

I love this! And what is SO coincidental (or maybe not) was that I was just thinking about one of the points she made THIS MORNING! It was the part about your preacher saying "there will always be darkness, but we can let in the light of God which will take care of the darkness." I was thinking about when I first started doing a bible study (Community Bible Study) when we lived in Richmond. At the time, I LOVED Ally McBeal. It was my favorite show. But doing my homework for that Bible study became my favorite thing to do. I would do my homework and feel so full of the Spirit. I just couldn't get enough... On Monday nights, which is when Ally McBeal was on, I would do my bible study homework early, so I could watch "my show". But the funny thing is, that show suddenly seemed pointless, sinful, dark. I would do my homework and be so full of the Holy Spirit, then turn on Ally McBeal and, YUCK! It actually hurt my soul! I couldn't watch it. It was meaningless. I didn't want anything disturbing the light of Christ within me.

I think it may have been Eminem's new song that made me think about all of this. The song is "I'm not afraid". It is about his recovery from drug addiction. I must say, I have a strange fascination with him. I am a huge fan. I love his music, although I am not really a fan of rap. I think he is so talented. But the words of the song make me wonder what the foundation of his recovery is... Listening to the song, it sounds like Eminem decided to get clean, Eminem can conquer this drug addiction, Eminem is "king of his world" (it says in the song). I hope that this is not the case. If he is trying to stay clean on his own, I wonder how long that will last...

I didn't mean to ramble on... I guess my point is, the closer we get to God, the more we are filled with His Spirit, the more the darkness is exposed, illuminated, and less desirable (even offensive) to us. We don't have to decide to get rid of the darkness...we just have to decide to let in the LIGHT!

Have a great day,

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

preach it sister!