Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hummmmm........God's Anger

Today at morning service as the Pastor was ending the service he prayed for people to know Christ, he stated something to this effect, that God is angry and wants you to know Him as your loving Father, now these were not his exact words, but it threw me some, I for one have never known God as angry, but I know most people see Him as angry, I have all reason too, my daddy was a hell raiser, just burst out in anger most of the time, I do no ever remember him controlling his anger, so as the Pastor prayed, I ask God to show me what he meant by what he was saying, Are you ANGRY God? I know there are two kinds of anger, good anger that protects us, helps us and bad anger that we need to learn coping skills for, but this morning it was so neat, several years back, I had watched a story on James Robinson and his wife Betty, they were feeding the orphans, I felt over come with anguish, got in the floor on my knees and cried and begged God for those children to be fed and cared for, my heart hurt, I was angry that they had to live that way and we have it so good here, I was angry for their poverty and was in anguish over them, this is what God showed me His anger is over you and I, yes, He is angry but not in a unhealthy way but a righteous way, He is angry when He cannot get to us, His desire is to draw His children to Him, He paid the ultimate price to be able to do that, so after the Lord spoke this to my heart, I could understand what Pastor Scott meant, Yes, it makes Him angry that we are separated from Him, He desires us to be one with Him and walk in His Glory, as I said in the earlier post, God's Glory dwells in His people, its so easy to miss it sometimes, esp. when we look at our selves. So know that when we are not walking with Him, He is in anguish and has a anger that will last until we return to Him.....Thank you Lord that you NEVER LEAVE US OR FORSAKE US. THAT YOU HOLD ON TO OUR HAND. BECAUSE I WOULD LET GO.

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