Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday a sunny cool day here in the rock

Have so much on my mind today and so much to do today, but thought I would start by posting on my blog:))) Its a beautiful day, I opened my windows and letting the fresh air inside, my house needs cleaned, straight but not clean:( but I have to get my mother's on Gristmill done today, it is a mess from the sale and is a burden on my mind, knowing it needs to sell and knowing it needs to look the best it can look:) so I am going there this am, hope I can move when I am through, Steve is helping me get it done:) Mother is doing good, been a good week for her:) I have work to do today in real estate so I will include it in my day, then have a class to teach tomorrow on communication, so I need to get material ready for that, need to go to store and clean my car fork work, looks like I need to make a list, wish I was the type person to not bothered with these things and could just let it go and the mess not drive me crazy, but I like clean and things in order,not perfect but almost:)) Have a full week, tomorrow sales meeting, class the have some fun with my dear friends who I see all together once every four or five months for a night of fun, then work Wed. and keep the Averitt girls wed. night so Jenn can visit with some of her friends, then Concealed weapons class Thursday all day, then work on Friday, have Chenal woods condo's open that day:) so I will be ready fro a at home Saturday to clean my house and get the yard in order, glad it is cooler, I am ready to cook, in my mind only:) IN the midst of all this I have listing appointments, wish I could work Real Estate in my home work clothes instead of having to change and be professional looking:) I would probably scare some:) I have this stupid cough again and tickle in my throat, my allergies are at a all time high:((( ok so much for complaining:)) Church was good yesterday, took home a lot of nuggets that I can apply to my life, Journey church will start meeting on Sunday am at 10:00, I am so glad, I now go to Mercy Cross in am and Journey at night, so we will go to Journey in am and MC at their 5pm service, we really like both churches, seems weired but it works for us, of course our home church is Journey where my son Alex is the preacher:) we do a step study and Celebrate Recovery at Mercy Cross on wed and thur night so for now I am in church all the time, but its me and what I love, I am making new friends, hearing God's word and applying it to my life:)) so there is hope for me:))) not that I thought there wasn't but just in case you did:))) tee hee I love being a Christan and not being religious and just being me, you see what you get, I am the same, I struggle just as everyone else and know that I know that I know the Lord will pull me though and be faithful to me, even in all my chores today, Ok so I have given my self a pep talk and let you in on it:) hugs and make this a good Monday for you, I am:)))) Please keep April in your prayers, her life style is a concern to me:) and the relationship she is in with Seth and his family, just know in my heart that is not for today in her life, but have to let it go and pray, so hard when you know your child is headed down the wrong path and they can not see it, just know God will be there to pick up the pieces, He has no Grand children, April belongs to Him:) To make it clear, I like the Harris family but know this is not the place April needs to be:) and do not think she gets wise counsel from them so pray with me:) hugs again

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