Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday and loving it

This week has been so busy but good. I am having some me time today, actually sitting up in the bed with my coffee and watching the Pres. on TV. Today should be a easy day and I am so looking forward to my dinner tonight, LOBSTER!!! yea! Just some random thoughts I am having, when I was at mother's yesterday sitting on her deck with her, she talked to me like I was just someone she should know, she ask how my family was, she ask if I liked my job, things like that, so I brought up the family and Kay so she could realize who I was, I think she did after that. Seems like each day is so different or should I say each visit, I try to go daily to see her and be with her, I dread the day she really cannot figured out who I am:((( hope that is a long time off:) so much for all that, it is hot here today and pretty, I thought of laying at the pool but decided to just stay in:) I love out doors but it is so humid.....ugh! This weekend will be full for me, I get to keep miss Amelia Saturday night which I am so looking forward to, Steve is going to Razorback game with April, so I will go to Alex's and babysit my sweetie:) Then Sunday church and I have a open house, I need it to sell, so pray with me for a buyer:) then to church at Journey. Steve and I go to Mercy Cross in am and Journey where Alex's preaches Sunday pm, they only meet in the evening. They both are great church's:)) but for today its a slow day for me, when you work weekends you take some time off during the week:) Gonna take a nap and then go eat dinner:)) yum yum!! hugs

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