Monday, September 13, 2010

Today was good

The way I ended my day, used the stress/tension aroma therapy and had the daily record to read, its the real estate section:))
Walt's car that is now sold:)

I kept Amelia Saturday night while all went to root the HOGS to their victory! We were getting to rock and go to sleep, she was perfect:))) I look like a dork:(

Ok, I did get so much done today, took awhile at mother's house but it is clean and ready to be sold:) then came home and got Walt's

car on face book and Craig's list, got a offer already:))) YEA!! Then was going to cook but decided not to and went to pig and chic, then home and in the jacuzzi tub, totally relaxed, now I have prepared for my class tomorrow and for sales meeting, I do it tomorrow too, I had forgot:( but got a phone call with a reminder:) Once class is over i have some time with my dear friends, Edwanda, whom I have had you pray for, Dinah who you prayed for her grand daughter Kenedi who past away at 6weeks, my friend Sherry who you have prayed for when her husband past away two years ago this Feb., and my dear friend Pam, we all have such a bond with each other and totally different ages, Dinah is who we call baby:) of course Pam and I are the boss, and poor Sherry goes along with anything, Ed can not hear anything so she never knows whats going on:))) what a group, but we have fun and love each other:)) We do cater to Ed since she is 78 and had been so sick, I really never thought she would make it, God is faithful!! Hugs and nite!

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