Sunday, September 5, 2010

In the stillness of the morning

me and Laila

me and Laila
me and Laila and Peyton

My baby Jared:)

Its Sunday morning, I am in Mt. Home with Jared and Jenn and girls and Steve, we are at her daddy's home. It has been such a relaxing time for me, at the same time hard because I am so use to being the host, you know it is easy to serve but hard to be served:) We went tot he lake yesterday, he is five minutes from Lake Norfork, which is a beautiful lake, James/Pappy has a party barge, we anchored in a cove and just enjoyed the afternoon, it would be soooooo nice tolive so close to the lake and enjoy it:) Peyton and Laila loved and I mean love the water!! Before the lake we ate lunch at North 40 which is a neat place here, been here alot of years. Then James grilled some good chicken breast and we had dinner, was going to watch the HOGS win but got to sleepy and went to bed about 7:30:)))) This morning woke to breakfast, some real homemade pancakes and sausage:) yummy!! Jenn and the girls and James have gone to walmart and Jared is asleep in the chair, Steve in the bath, Mikka asleep, so its just me sitting on the deck listening to the quiet of the morning, something about small towns have such peace. IN the quietness of the morning I can sense the Lords presence here, just really peace full:) A time to gather my thoughts for the week, I have a busy week planned, need to list a house in Oakbrook, teach a class Tuesday after our sales meeting on REO'S, banked owned property, foreclosures and short sells. It is sad to see so many people lose their homes, but it is a large part of our market now. This has been a slower year for me in Real Estate, still in the top five but barley, I will have to hoof it to stay there:) I have had so many other things come my way, I have not focused on new business but just taking care of what I have, I have just hired two new agents so will need to focus on them and get them going:) which helps me keep my focus on my work:)))Nothing like a new agents excitement!! Its contagious! Mother seems to be more settled this week, last week seems she was irritated alot, this week she is more herself:) Well going to go and enjoy this wonderful quiet time in the beauty of the outside:))) hugs and have a great day!! Hope the weather is pretty where you are and you can go out and enjoy it!! hugs

As I reflect I am thinking about what changes I want to see in me by the end of the year, one is to reach my goal weight, two is to work out on a reg. basis, three is to learn to rest and be still when I can, seems like God has been having me in places that I am not in control and have to wait, rest and receive, I like to be

the one who is in charge and the boss:) so I am let go, enjoy not being in charge and knowing all is going to be ok with the out come, even in April moving out, that was a biggie for me:)))) I miss her, but know this is a new season in my life:)

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