Friday, September 24, 2010

My Kitchen and fall:)

Our shower I had told you about but never took pics, since I am recuperating I have nothing else to do and finally off pain pills where when I am awake I can do things:))))) Its easy for me to understand how people get addicted to pain pills, they do make you feel pretty good:) only they put me to sleep and I do not like the drugged feeling but I did not hurt and for sure did not worry about anything:)))

This is the 4 x4 shower we had finished out for Father's day:) my dear friend Joey Brewer who is a builder and the best tile man I know helped me out on this:)
I did have shampoo on the little shelves but my dear friend Pam Richy can not stand to see that so I took it all off:)) but normally I have my shelf and Steve has his:) its fro sure s two person shower:))) tee hee

It has shower heads on each wall and a hand held shower head, a seat to sit on, it is wonder fro water to hit your back and front at the same time, just so relaxing and tingling:) It was for Steve but I love it too!

My plate that I just love, it says it all

My fall table:) I love candles and the smell of fall:)

I love my big Kitchen, I have had huge homes, with acreage,tennis courts, pool, pond, horses,etc., but my favorite home is the little one I am in now, it is me, I love my big window:) we had to cut it all out and make it:) matter of fact we had to take this house down to the studs:( but I am grateful we did, because it is home to me and I am content, not to big and not to small just homey:) Home really is where your heart it:))

Remember when I blogged about plans changing? Well this week they for sure have changed for me:) I had a dentist appointment on Monday to get a cap put back on, I had a root canal on my lower tooth, I knew it needed to come out it had broke off and was infected, I started antibiotics on Friday and went to dentist on Monday, to get cap on and then see about jaw tooth, thinking I would go to oral surgeon to get it out since it was broke off, well while putting on my cap the Dentist said you want me to pull that tooth, I said sure, now I had just wrote a offer on a home I have listed and had called the seller and told them I would be there as soon as I was though at the dentist, so as the dentist is giving me gas so he can deaden my jaw, I say I have and appointment after this, will it be ok, they say it will be ruff, so you know me I thought well no big deal, I have everything ready and I can write it out if need too:(((( I knew the seller would not want to wait on me to heal and it be better to go while my jaw is numb:) As it turned out he had to cut the pieces of the tooth out and scrap several pieces of bone, I had four stitches and left with my cap on which felt great but a mouth full of gauze, pain pills, and told to lay low for a few days for it to heal, the problem was I had not prepared to lay low, I had commitments on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday:)) I presented my offer and it was not a pretty site, it did get worked out:) then came home, the pain was starting in, I took the pain pills and kept ice on my jaw, it hurt like a booger all night, woke up hurting, took more pills, did not keep any commitments for Tuesday, pushed them back till Wednesday, on Tuesday afternoon it was better, still hurt but tolerable, then woke up wed. with it really hurting and swollen inside and out, I called the dentist and went in, he opened it and packed it and gave a stronger antibiotic, took pain pills all day, I did got to meeting wed nite, just did not talk hardly, it hurt for my tongue to move, the steroids he put me on for swelling makes me want to eat like a cow! So Thursday Steve started showing property for me and making my appointments:) I began to feel better, I went to Thursday night meeting mainly to hear my sister share, which we ran out of time and she did not share, if I had realized that I would of stayed home since I did not feel well but wanted to support her, my jaw hurts if I talk a lot but is so much better today, still uncomfortable at times but much much better!! I did decorate my kitchen yesterday and home for fall, it is so hard for me to be still, I hate it, but if I do too much my mouth hurts:(( I have ate like a horse and I am sure gained some pds. so I will have to really get my butt back on track and walk and eat right asap:) I love my kitchen, I made a small pot of chili for tonight, so weird not cooking for a army, just me and Steve:) I took some pics of my fall table, hope you enjoy, I am about ready to put Christmas out, but first decided to have some fall, now if they weather will cooperate! Mother is have a good week, I have not seen her much due to being zonked out on pain meds, hope to see her some this weekend, Kay gets married tomorrow to Colin, so exciting to see what God can do! Then they are off for a much needed honey moon which they never had to began with:) Tomorrow is fun fest at church which I am to help with then I will have Jared and Jenn's girls while they have a three day stay in ST. Louis, I am sure Jenn is nervous about leaving the baby that long but they need it, it makes you better parents to have that time with each other:) I told Steve make no plans:) we will both have our hands full, If it is nice Monday we will get mother and April and all go to the Zoo, then Sunday we will all do church:))) then Tuesday I am sure I will think of something:)) Pray for my offer I talked about in this blog, I need it to work out with out any snags, it will be a big commission that will carry me through the rest of the year, take a lot of stress off me:) Hugs to all and hope your day is going good for you, hug someone and smile!!!

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