Friday, September 17, 2010

Averitt Update :)

Well we are all doing well, to start with the oldest, Alicia and her family, Bob is doing good, he is a great dad and husband:) Alicia is striving to cook more at home meals, she is doing good at it so far, she said they spend way to much eating out:) Alexandria is a cheer leader at her school and stays so busy, Victoria is in cheer and she is staying busy with school, Jack is in foot ball and he tackles the huge boys, I will see him play this Sunday:) Sean and Sarah and Cole and Anna are doing good, I am posting a cute pic of Cole, Anna is making good grades and growing up:) Cole is a mess, he is all boy but still so sweet, Sarah is still in nursing school, Sean is doing well on his job, he has been getting a duck field ready for hunting:) Alex and Jill and Amelia are all doing well, Alex has had to travel alot with his job which he does not like,their church, Journey, is doing good, it is growing and Alex is a good preacher, Jill loves every minute of Amelia, I can not believe she will be one year old:) Amelia is crawling every where and pulling up! Hannah and Mark are good, Mark loves his job and Hannah loves living in Van Buren, Max is playing foot ball, we will have to go down and watch a game soon, Blake is doing good and so is Olivia:) they are all so cute! Jared and Jenn are doing well, Jared is working alot and I love having them next door, Jenn is painting pictures, she is so talatend! Peyton is growing up fast, she is so cute, Laila will repeat anything you say, she likes to boss, but has such a sweet little smile:) Mikka is jabbering all the time, she is doing the army crawl! April is living with Jill and Alex and Amelia, which so far is working good, April is doing ok, she is struggling with doing what she wants to do when none of the family support her decisions in some matters of her life, it is a hard time for her, but all in all she is doing ok:) Steve is doing well, he still has pain in his back and probably will never get rid of it but it is better, he is busy just keeping up with things in the house hold and mother's household:) Linda (ME) is doing well, I am still struggling in some areas and needing some peace, but I know God is faithful to me and I trust Him. I am at a open House today that is slow, glad I have my lap top! I have bout 8 pds to go to my goal weight:))) I need to began to workout again, I have been lax in that and I can tell:(((( flab,flab,flab! I am excited to get this weight off, I have lost 132pds so fad and need to lose 140 pds. I go back in forth a few pds. so got to work out and really stick to low calorie food to get this last bit off:) I have added some fattening things in my diet this past six months, like ice cream:) but I stay on top of it most of the time, its a life change fro sure:) well now you are all caught up..let me know how you and your family are doing:))

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