Monday, September 6, 2010

Home again, home again

me on sugar, see how his head is even with his withers? that is how a trained horse does:))

Pappy/James walking Dollar and Peyton

me and Laila

Seems like all I do is go from here to there:) but it has been a fun filled rest full weekend, I have never been with Jenn and Jared and their girls for this long and so enjoyed it, Jenn's dad James was such a sweet host, he cooked breakfast and dinner, like good meals:)) I tried to help pick up but he had it under control. We went out on the boat two days, he lives so close it makes it so easy just to go, it was nice not to have to carry things to the boat, he had done it all before we go there:) Steve said on the way home this was the least amount of money we have ever spent on Labor Day weekend:) and he was right:)Then today we went and rode horses some, he has a pinning horse name sugar, I was a little nervous riding him because Jared and Jenn had told me how he is so trained by leg movements and I have not rode with leg movements in 38 years:)) my horse was trained like that but like I said that was a few decades ago. I did enjoy riding him, I would of loved to do some figure eights on him but stayed with cantering and trotting and walking:) did do some pivots, and backing up, you just bring in your heals and he backs up, left heel in and he goes right, right heel in and he goes left:))) By the way to all my single lady friends James is single:) I am sure he has no problems finding anyone he wants, so he would make someone a great friend:))) We are home now and I am working on material for class tomorrow and I have a listing appointment at 5pm and show a house tomorrow, oh yes, look at one at 11am:)) so its back to work for me, of course that will give me all the more reason to have a play day!! I have mothers house on top priority, I have to get it cleaned from the sale and get it sold asap, it will be open Sunday, so pray for a buyer:)) House is too tooo tooooo quiet, missing my babies but at the same time know I need to focus on work, it will feel good to come home and not have to do anything:) and get up and only get my self ready, Wed. I have CE all day, I always dread that and wait till

last minute:(((((( Our National Convention is in New Orland's, trying to decide if I need/can/want to go:) hugs to all

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