Saturday, September 11, 2010


You know I have had some time to just think today about things, I was getting my purse out of my car on Thursday and felt a nudge to get my phone charger, I did not do it BECAUSE I thought I had packed my wall charger, when I got to where I was going, no wall charger, so needless to say I had no phone since it was dead:( Now I cannot remember when I have been without a phone, the part that worried me is if mother needed me and its my life line to business in real estate, but I did not take heed to the nudge. So many times I feel nudges, alot of the times I remember to do it and listen to the nudges, I believe they are nudges from he Holy Spirit to guide me, you know the bible states, the Lord directs our steps, I just have to listen in which I do but then it goes a step further I have to obey the nudge of the Holy Spirit. I will be glad when I always realize its not me but Him and just do it:)) Life would be so much easier:)) Then I was thinking this am about the disciples when they were in the boat with Jesus and the huge storm came, I imaged the ocean when it was in turmoil, tossing and rocking and throwing around anything in it, I can realize how the disciples were so scared, but yet Jesus was at total rest and asleep:) during this time the disciples thought they would not make it to the other side, so they began tossing their possessions over board, then Jesus awoke and told the storm to be at peace and be still, and peace came and the sea became calm, the disciples were amazed,the only problem in their fears and haste they had thrown away the things they would need, all along Jesus was right there, how many times do I do this, I find myself in life's storms and start trying to control and do things on my own, even though I know God is right there and in my life, my peace, my answers, everything I will ever need, I still will trust in my own strength till it runs out then realize Jesus is right there, he is awake and has all I need:)))) As I walk with the Lord and listen to His voice it is easier and easier to trust Him in all things:)) I just want to listen to the nudges of the Holy Spirit, I know some will think its just them or their conscience, but I know for me it is the voice of my best friend guiding me day in and day out:) So next time you hear or feel the nudge, know you have angels surrounding you and the Holy Spirit guiding and just obey the nudge:) I will to!!

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