Monday, September 27, 2010

Some fun days:)

Mr. and Mrs. Colin Smith:)))
Colin and Kay, remarried Sept. 25th, 45 years after their first date:) They are on honey moon in Panama City Beach Florida:)))

Sunday Steve and I took our three Averitt sisters:) until Tuesday evening, Jared and Jenn went to St. Louis to see a game and have some we time:) Sunday afternoon we took the girls to mother's, they played and played, mother loved it, she loved holding Mikka:) I told Steve make no plans except to help me:) I had thought we would go to the zoo today, BUT as business usually goes, I got three offers to work:) which is a good thing, My sweetie said he could handle it, and handle it he did, I was so impressed with him:) I had put on a pot of veg beef soup before I left, he had all things picked up, Mikka feed and down for a afternoon nap and the girls ready to eat lunch:)) then we all laid down for a bit:) This has had so many sweet time, you do not get unless you just have them with you, the first was when we got in the car Sunday to go to the church, a song was on the CD, here we come to worship and the girls were singing it every so sweetly, I figured the Lord had the angles hush so they could all hear them, it was the most sweetest singing you have ever heard and they knew the words:)) Today in Krogers Peyton was just singing step by step you will lead me and I will follow you all of my days, its just so refreshing to hear them sing songs that is scripture and will be in the little hearts and minds for ever:)) Jared and Jenn have done so well in raising them, they are so obedient, they are so smart, Laila lets nothing get by her, she has a answer for everything and is really smart, not just saying that, mean it:)) I love having my babies spend some time with us, we know them and they us and they bond with us, Mikka cried when I walked out of the room :))) but today bonded with her daddygrand:)) she is crawling every where and sits up real good:)) she has been perfect:) they all have:) well so much for a doting Nana:)

Some thing bit mother on the ankle and it looks bad, she will need to go to the Dr. tomorrow and have it checked out, its never easy chainging her schedule, so I hope they see her in the afternoon:) Girls need me to come and lay with them, so duty calls:) hugs and nite

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