Saturday, September 18, 2010

The best of plans

Ever plan your day and make plans only to have them changed? That is how today has ended, but its been a Good day, woke early with the mind set to really clean my house, which I did, then Peyton came over and we went to Fred's and got a lamp for my bedroom, then a couple of pics, and then went to Kyzer's and got some huge mums ( yellow ) and pumpkins, one at my door and one for Peyton's:)) Jared and his family and Steve and the Haley's watched the Hogs win today, I took my car and cleaned it, the plants got it dirty:) then went to some different shops, which I never do and got a fall candle:) had my nails done and toes, a really pretty fall color:) We were suppose to go to a friends for a planning meeting of a fall fest that is next weekend, BUT Mr. Averitt was not feeling up to par so our plans changes, it was a Mexican potluck and I was ready for it, so when I did not go, I went to eat at Casa Mexicana with Sherry and had a tamale with chili and cheese and onions, soooooo good:)))) with some yummy fruit punch:)) Then came home and Sherry taught me how to play frontier ville on face book:) so I am going to do that, now I NEVER thought I would be doing that, but it will pass the time tonight, Steve is in bed early so its just me and Cali, my wennie dog:) I love it when the house is so clean:)) Oh yes, I slept on this wonderful pillow at Jenn's daddy's, it was a Latex pillow and I found me one at Kohl's, it was on sale and I had 30% off coupon, had to use the Kohl's charge BUT I paid the charge right when I used it:))))) I know Steve will be so proud!! He does not like me to use charge cards:( I have not gone to mother's today or talk to her, seems so weired, but I just never did get over there, tomorrow night she will go to church with us:) I am ready to get the rest of my fall pumkins and some things I have out:) Actually I had thought of just skipping it and getting Christmas out, tree and all so we can enjoy it longer, BUT this may be little too soon:)) I am getting it out the end of October, and having all my shopping done by November 15th., this is my goal and will be a first to have Christmas out that early, but when I wait till the day after Thanksgiving I do not get to enjoy it long, we usually leave the day after Christmas for a week of vacation:) so I am putting it up asap:) Well guess I go do face book, hope you had a good day!! hugs

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Jen said...

Oh I'm so glad you found a pillow! And thank you for my mums and pumpkin and for taking Peyton with you, she had such a good time! Hope you enjoy your quiet evening and Facebook! :) Love you.