Saturday, September 25, 2010

God's Glory

This morning I am up and getting ready to go to the Fun Fest at Mercy Cross, but the Lord has laid something on my heart to share on my blog, so I am doing that first:)

A few years back we were at the Grand Canon and I was marveled at the depth and the array of colors you could see in the rocks, as the sun shone brilliantly against the canon, the rays made the rocks and cliff side in the canon so many different colors, and the Colorado river ran through the bottom of the canon, it was breath taking with beauty. I thought, Gosh Lord this is so pretty this must be where your Glory dwells, we sand a song in church about where God's Glory dwells and wanting to know and see it, so I knew this must be some splendor of His Glory. As I was driving down the freeway in all the traffic, that song came on the CD, I was singing it and asking God to show me His Glory and where it dwelt, that I would be able to really see it, when I did I saw a street person riding a old torn down bike, the person was so ragged, unclean, needing some grooming and God spoke so clearly to me, Linda, this is where my Glory dwells, it dwells in my people. I was so taken back I started crying, I had thought it was in the beauty of the canon, but my ways or so different from the Lord, He told me it was in His people, so if you, as I want to see God's Majesty and beauty look for it inside you and inside the person you meet today, that is where it is:))) As I go to the fun fest today I was see so many different forms of God's Glory in His people, let the world see God's Glory in you:) Another thought from my son's preaching I wanted to share that has been thought provoking but will be for a letter post. "Good things in life can be the enemy to the Best things in life." Hugs have a great day, if your near Sherwood come by the fun fest on Kiehl, and let your light shine!!

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