Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good week

Trying to take pic with us all in it:)
Pam Richy, Edwanda Ware, Dinah Lawson, and me, not pictured is my sister friend forever Sherry Maxwell:)

I swear the week has flown by, I had such a good time with my friends, we are all so different but have such fun together, we are honest with each other and can share our hearts:)) of course we have to yell it since Ed is about half deaf, I will tip toe on that matter because I can remember when I could see without glasses, now I wear them around my neck and use them, so who knows what I will need at 78 years old:)) Pam and I are the bossy ones, the others just go along with what we say:)) Dinah is the baby cause she is the youngest:) Sherry was not in the pic she was doing something when we took this, I will have to get one with her in it too:)

Been a busy week, had the girlfriend time, then kept the Averitt girls wed. nite so Jenn could go visit her friends, Jared works late this week, I loved that, the girls played out back for a while then e watered the plants, they proceeded to get wet:) so the it was bath time, fun fun fun, then miss Mikka went to bed, she is sooooo good! Laila feel asleep on the couch beside me, she is so cute, she just cuddles so good!! Peyton stayed a wake and we watched a movie, I loved my time with them:) then today I had concealed weapons class, then worked and then went to visit mother, Alicia had taking her to lunch and shopping today, she got her some toms, that is a shoe, they looked and felt good to mother:) she is hanging in there, I do not think she is worse so maybe she is holding her own with Alzheimer's:) she is more settled, and is having a good week, she and April went and did manicures and pedicures then she went with April to walk a dog that April is caring for this week, mother enjoyed that:) it is hot here so we have to be careful that she does not get to hot, I will be so glad when it is fall:))) and cooler:)) I am excited that Kay and Colin will get married on Sept. the 25th, that is 45 years form their first date:) mother gave her her anniversary ring for her wedding band, I thought that was so special, Kay will cherish it forever:) well I am going to bed, have open house at Chenal Condos tomroow:0 hugs and nite

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Jen said...

You really have been busy this week! Thanks again for keeping the girls, they LOVE their time with you! Love you.