Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Well it is a sunny day, looks like spring until you open the door and know Old man winter is still here! House is so quiet this am, I have had my coffee and quiet time, read the paper and now blogging, miss my little ones but enjoying my morning. Today is a full day with church and then Peyton's birthday party, she is three! Then show property and I hope I sell a home:) Going to mother's tonight to get her trash out and go to the store for them and take food for the week. I have roast, potatoes and carrots, hamburger noddle onion casserole, chicken dish, pinto beans, black eyed peas, corn and green beans, some corn bread and some rolls! I was going to make them some chicken and dumplings but will do that this week and take during the week. I am so thankful it is a sunny warmer day......gonna be a good day!! hugs

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