Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday and showing property

Wow, what a deal, treading through the snow to show property, I think I am too old for it:) so tired! BUT will sell them a home:) I think I am a fair weather agent:) but need some pay checks so I am trudging through the snow:)) Then had a long dinner/lunch/breakfast time with Alicia Jean Averitt:) I really enjoyed it, we sat for two hours!! Kay and Colin went to check on mother and Walt, not heard from her yet, but I think all is ok with them. Now I am getting ready to go get miss April at the mall, the roads still have melting snow then it refreezes, so we did not want her to drive and Steve has no business going out now either, so I am going.......glad when all gets back to normal:) Have a full day tomorrow and tyring to work in boot camp at noon, then to open house all after noon and we have invited 1500 to the Champagne and Chocolate open house tomorrow evening:) Hope it is successful and the weather will cooperate!! Gotta run...hugs and nite!

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