Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Pretty Brown Eyes

Daddygrand and Layla

After the bath, ready for bed!

I was not sure how today would go but it went GREAT!! I had a closing at 8:30am, Steve fixed his daddygrand breakfast for the girls, so yummy!! I left for work and he said he could handle it, he did with a lot of help from Hannah:) I then went on two listing appointments got files ready for closings and got home about 1:15ish. I picked up the house and the bathed four grand babies:) The Jared got his girls for a visit with Mommy and Mika. Hannah and April and Rhonda and I went to hip hop, it was fun, I am getting the moves down a little better!! A great work out! Then home to find Jack and Max have not had their bath, so in the tub they went!! I wish I could post pics, but with perverts out that I cannot do that, even though the pics shows nothing, can not take that chance with my grand babies:) But I have a big Jacuzzi tub so they all love it!! Max and jack went to Hannah's for the night, then not too long and Jack man came back:) Alicia is in Dallas with Bob:)) so Jack is with us, he and Steve will go to do baseball together tomorrow:) Tomorrow will be a much easier day, I have the LR Award of Excellence to go to for lunch to cheer out LR Realtors on!! Then Friday have my little Cole to play with the girls, Jared will take the girls home Friday since he will be there to help on the weekend, I missed them tonight when they were gone;( Mark and Hannah will be moving soon, he will be transferred with the post office:(( I will miss them and probably cry when they move but excited for them:);) not sure I will do with all that. Guess go see them! Well boot camp comes early and the girls right when I get home so best head to bed...hugs and nite!

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Mom of 3! said...

As soon as the girls came home last night they were already talking about going back to Nana's house! They are having so much fun! I hope they aren't too much for you :)