Monday, February 8, 2010

Unexpected snow day

Well I had just told Steve I wish I had a snow day just to relax and get over the busy week I had. I got it, woke up to go workout and got a text from my coach that the streets were covered with snow and it was canceled, I looked out and could not believe it! I was going early cause I thought we may have bad weather tonight, but we really got a big snow! Cole had spent the night and Sarah wanted to come and get him, but knew she couldn't, once it started raining and getting slushy we took him home, they live forty five minutes away but Steve and 4 wheel drive SUV made it. I was just going to keep him here for a few days, but his birthday is Wed.,e will be one and I did not think we could get him home if we did not do it when we did;) Steve did not have nay problems. Then miss Olivia came over and played and when Jared came to pick up the dinner I cooked for them he brought Miss Peyton, she wanted to stay so she is spending the night,m such special time with these grand babies. I cooked all day, chicken and dumplings, brown beans and sausage , cabbage, corn bread and was going to make a yellow cake and fudge icing but did not have cake mix and could not find recipe to make yellow cake, may look harder tomorrow and do it:) My system is calming down finally, I was so keyed up form the week and Friday night. Enjoy the snow pics.......hugs and nite!

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