Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2nd, for real snow day with Peyton Lou

Yesterday when Jared came by he let Peyton spend the night, we had so much fun, we laid in bed and watched TV till we both fell asleep, then she woke at 8ish and Steve made breakfast, I slept till 9ish....very late for me:) then we played and went out in the snow and played. I said Peyton lay down and make a snow angel, she said the way Peyton says..."what!" a snow angel, I said yes, you lay down on the snow, she said I don't know how, so I said ok, I will show you, then she got right beside me and we made snow angels! She wanted to build a snow man but the snow was too hard, I said I can not make one the snow is too hard, she said, she could make it :)) she then threw a snowball at me and just laughed and laughed! We then came in and I did hot chocolate she did bottled water:) and the ate chicken and dumplings then a nap, her daddy came for her before she woke up, she woke up all cuddly and we rocked, I sing rock a by, rock a by, rock a by, rock a by...that is all I say when I sing and she and Laila sing it too so does Olivia and Blake:)) I love it!! Then she went to her daddy and went home:((

I then went to the office to do some work on a listing and picked up Sherry Maxwell and went to Casa Mexicana for some dip and chips, now home in PJ"S again, Sherry had a customer for me to show property to tomorrow at 1:00, so that is exciting!! Just need to gt it on paper which I intend to do:) They have to be here by May 1st.. Well enjoy the pics, do not laugh too hard at the snow angels, I know I look huge had 42 or more layers of clothes...tee hee! Plus Peyton is so little:) hugs and nite

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