Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunny and Monday

Today started early, I watch my sweet girls while Jenn went to the Dr., looks like miss Mika will arrive on schedule on Thursday morning bright and early! The girls had fun playing with daddygrand and I, they are so sweet, of course Peyton will want to potty a few times so she can have treats:) I have been better about not giving them too many treats!! I then came to the office and getting things in order. I was not feeling well over the weekend with a cold and no voice, so I slept a lot and took meds., they make me sleepy but am much better. I have a fun filled week with excitement and it makes me somewhat nervous! Our Banquet for the Awards of Excellence is this Friday night, I am the chair person for that this year, so I have to put it all together with committees, which have done a great job and then have to speak at it, that is the part that is weirding me out some:) Craig O'neal is our MST. of ceremonies so once I introduce him it will be easy form there, I will be there most the day Friday to make sure all goes as planed, we do have a suite and a hotel room so I can take Steve and put him in the room till time for the banquet:) Our company gets a suite because we have a pre party and post party, it is a lot of fun but requires a lot of work to pull it all off, so say a prayer for me:) The most exciting news is Miss Mike getting her Thursday!! I can not wait to hold her and see her:) Jenn has never carried a baby full term so she should not be a preemie:) Then Saturday I have a class to be in from 10 til 1 and Sunday have a open house......its a full week. Wednesday I have to find something to wear for Friday night:)) dread that! I do not like shopping! Best go, just wanted to say hello to everyone and let you know I am still alive since I have not posted since last week.......hugs!

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Mom of 3! said...

I'm so glad you feel better!!! Love you!