Saturday, February 6, 2010

super saturday

ooops side ways:(
I promise you I was some kind of nervous!

Alicia Averitt Haley...Diamond Level Producer, the highest award! and Craig O'neill...he is a anchor for THV in Little Rock:) very well known:)

My sweet hubby trying to get the energy to go sit at the banquet:) he knew I needed his support!

Me and my hubby!!!!

Well Friday was a full day, started with a listing appointment:) YEA!! a real sad deal fro the seller, he is disabled and elderly had married a young wife and has a 12 year old daughter, his wife who was 44 years old past away unexpectedly Jan. 31st., she had some kind of deal happen, it was hard for me to totally understand, he is from Germany, his sweet daughter tried to help him find paper work so he would know where the mtg. loan is, I looked through his mail, his wife paid the bills, it is so sad for him and for sure his sweet daughter, keep them in your prayers. This business puts you in so many people's life:) that is one reason I love it!! Then off to preparing fro the Award of Excellence banquet, i was so nervous, about noonish I began to really be nervous, when we got to the hotel I went to the main banquet room and walked the stage and stood at the podium and went over everything I had to say, I was the chair this year and there are more then 400 people...whew..... I thought I was going to hyper ventilate but took some deep breaths, it turned out to be a fun filled night, Craig O'Neill was our MC and is too funny! He made the night!! We got a room next tot he suite we had, we have a party in the suite and Steve could rest in the next room, and he did:)) he was wore out! Then this am got up, cleaned up the mess and headed for Batesville for Jill's Papa's funeral, it was a sweet service, I know he will be missed, got home and I am in the bed!! So hugs and Nite!

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