Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time flys by....when your having fun

Ok, I am not sure where to began:) We came home Sunday in the down pour of rain, then I worked some and we went to dinner with Jared and his family and Alicia and her family. Jenn was to have her first week at home with out help in which I knew she was not ready, so we got Laila and Peyton and brought them home with us, I for sure know why you have children when your young:0 we have had a fun week so far, I am still working in between naps and Steve, April and Hannah have helped so much, tomorrow will be the real test, I have appointments all day till about 2ish, and April works, but Steve said he had this:) of course he has Hannah next door:))) I have two listings appointments and a closing and possible property showing tomorrow:) I have boot camp tonight at 7:00 so I dread getting back out, gotta get the girls feed and bathed before I go, so best run....hugs!
Forgot I went to mother's last night and cleaned out her fridge and got them groceries, Alicia went with me and she was a big help, its is easier to throw things away when mother is side tracked:)) they are doing ok, mother's memory is barley there:((( Walt is doing ok.....they manage still, but we check on them all the time:) now hugs

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Mom of 3! said...

Thank you so much for your help with the girls! I know they are having such a great time and will not want to come home :)

Love you!