Sunday, February 7, 2010

Open House Sunday

cole and mika 014 Cole watching super bowl with daddy grand

cole and mika 001 DaddyGrand and Mika


cole and mika 004 Mika and Nana, went right after open house:) to see her:)cole and mika 015   Cole is spending the

night, watching the super bowl with daddygrand

cole and mika 005 getting kisses

cole and mika 003

Got up went to church, it was good, Mercy Cross is doing a series on marriage/dating/sex then  the end of the month a movie and wedding to renew your vowels if your married then a celebration/reception…..It was so good this am, perfect for someone who is single or dating, but it is so important not to have a relationship based on sex, it will not last, so the best thing is to have a celibate relationship and you will know what it is based on and not have so many emotions guiding you in the relationship, then you will not make a most major mistake and marry someone who you do not have a solid relationship with.  1st things Ist, they have to be a Christian with the same belief standards you have, or for sure you will have problems, then they need to be how  you like them now, not expecting them to change once your married, you will have what you have, they do not change:) and if you think you can change them then your the one with the problem……their character will be what it is now as you know them:) so if they do not hold a job now, they will not hold a job when you marry, if they are demanding now, it will only be worse when you marry…….you can go online and hear the sermon if you want, contact  It is going to be a great series! For all walks in life!  Open house  is slow so I am blogging:) I need someone to come and buy it:))  Tonight my Cole will spend the night so Sean and Sarah can do a super bowl party, I am going to go see miss Mika when I get through with open house, I am still tired from the week end and have a slow day tomorrow but hit it on Tuesday!  Boot camp in am early so I can get it done:) April and Steve will watch Cole if he is awake, I will go at the 6:00am class.  Got to get the rest of this weight off and in shape!  I am a little heavy hearted with some personal things right now, I can not share them, but keep me in your prayers, I want to make sure I respond and not react:) that is hard for me when I am so angry at the circumstances, so thank you for your prayers:) hugs and hope you have a great day!!  GO SAINTS!!

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