Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines day!!

This is Miss Amelia saying Happy Valentine Day!!
My forever friend Sherry Maxwell, It was a year since my dear friend Jimmy Maxwell went to be with Jesus, I came Friday to Tunica with Sherry, we are in a neat suite and had a hard day missing Jimmy but a good day, Last night at midnight we were in the casino and I leaned into her check and gave her a Valentine day kiss on the cheek, totally embarrassed her but felt at least she would have a Valentine day kiss:) even if it was from me, she is so special to me;)

This is Jared and Jenn's girls wishing me a Happy Valentines day!!
I am taking some Linda Averitt time with Sherry, in the room watching a movie, so far have not lost any money and I do not intend to lose any, money is tight right now:) I have my work out clothes and going to the work out room in a few and doing some boot camp:) then laying on the couch and chillin all day:) Its sunny here, have a out let mall and may have to go look at it:)) notice I said look...hope I find a bargain:) well gotta run to rest:) hugs Have a great day, by the way for those worried that my honey is home on Valentines day, I have covered all my bases, and he has his chocolates and card and I got me some new heals for Valentines, yes I said heals!!! yahoo!! I can even walk in them:) hugs and happy day!
Pray for my friend Dinah's grand daughter, she is in nice at children's awaiting heart surgery, she was born Thursday, she is jaundice so they can not do surgery tomorrow and she needs it...pray fro a miracle!

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