Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuff Thursday

Bout died at boot camp this early am:) but as you can see I lived through it:) Had a full day of work till 7pm tonight, had open house at Chenalwood Condo's, we had a champagne and chocolate open house, had lots of goodies, I took mother and Walt a plate of cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, little brownie bites...some good home made deserts all wrapped in a Valentine wrap...very festive, they love it! They are doing ok, just needing lots of help:) I have appointment to meet a buyer at 7:45am and show property at 8am so if I can get boot camp in before I will have to go at 5am:(((( not even looking forward to that...better get to bed!! I am afraid to pray for snow:) not sure how long it will last:) hugs

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