Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday and tired:)

Cali wanting morning kisses, Cole watching Jack and Cali
Daddygrand and Blake morning hugs

Pyeton morning look/hair
My little man Cole when he first got here:0

Today started real early with Cole getting here at 5:45am:) he was too sweet, he just cuddled with me which he NEVER does, then we got jack up fro breakfast and to get ready for school, then Peyton got up and Laila actually slept till 8ish. It has been a full week of grand babies and work, I have showed property three times and wrote two offers, listed a home and have and appointment tomorrow at 1:00 and then Sunday at 3:15 to show property......the market has gotten busy and I am so thankful!! Oh, I also had a closing Wednesday and have one Monday!! YEA!! Took the girls outside to play for a hour today, they ran and played, its been to cold to take them out, they all had fun! But I am wore out:) but a good kind of wore out! Alicia and Bob get home tomorrow, Alexandria came tonight, she just needed to be with family:)) Jared will get the girls tomorrow and then Peyton has a three year old birthday party Sunday:) she is so excited about it! Monday I have to make fudge cakes for my Realtor open house Tuesday, its my signature desert and Realtor's will come and eat it! Yo9u know the sweetest part about the grand babies? Peyton sleeps with us or April, when she is with April then Laila sleeps with us, and during the night Peyton will reach her little hand to you face and pat it, Laila will sing, they are both so smart, Peyton can sing so many songs and knows her colors, ABC's Numbers, all the word of several songs......she is even teaching Blake how to use the potty!! Really all my babies are smart in so many different ways, Blake could do numbers around his age, he can ride a four wheeler, the kind for kids everywhere and guide it right, put it in reverse, just sayin, I got smart, talented grand babies!! I have not seen Mika or Amelia as much as I want but things will settle down and I will:)) They stay with mommy till they get older. Enjoy the pics of this am:) hugs and its is time for bed!! hugs

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