Saturday, February 27, 2010

No Babies tonight

can you believe I have had this many babies and have lived through them:)

Well this morning when Laila got up at 6:45ish....(: Peyton and Jack got up shortly after, we did the cereal thing and fruit and juice and milk:) I had them all in the living room and realized this would be like when mine were little, close to the same ages, no wonder I was so tired and our house was so busy and loud!! I remember being so tired and ready to pull my hair out by the time Steve got home.......this week has been much easier, I think I am a totally different as a Nana then a mother:) Since the weather was nice today and yesterday they got to play out side some, before that I gave them some running up and down the hall with the ball time and loud time to get rid of their energy THEN we settled down and did quiet things time:) It worked, wish I had let my own children have some loud time when they were little, BUT I guess I did not realize pent up energy only gets them in trouble so if you let them get it out they act better:)) Some things we learn by experience and so what if it is loud and rowdy for 10 minutes, I just did it with them:))We have really enjoyed our Laila and Peyton being here all week, I just got in a routine and now they have gone home:( Hannah said what will I do next week if you do not have them, we had a deal going:) she was such a help to me and I could not have done it and worked with out her or Steve or April. I would love to have a week with just them and no work, BUT still have pay checks:) Our home is quiet no little one asking for a drink pease:) I will miss them, just thankful they are around the corner where I can go get them if needed!! Hugs and nite!!

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