Monday, March 1, 2010

Blogging blues

me and Amelia.........I am looking so different to me. might new to get rid of the gray!
Peyton and her Pappy...

Cole riding sugar

When I read others blogs like v and c they have such neat things they talk about, I do every now and then but most of the time this is like a live journal for me, I can go back and read it a year ago or my family what is blue about it?? Not sure just seems boring to me. I will have to get inspired and think of something to really blog about:) for now its Monday morning and gonna rain:( and be cold:(. I have to show property at noon so I hope it is not raining then. I have had a quiet morning in my chair in front of my big window watching the neighbors wake up:) its quiet and peaceful. Yesterday Peyton was so excited at her birthday party, birthday have always been something I loved, I had each of my children birthday parities when they were young and made it a special day for them, because to me it is such a special day!! Then showed property, will probably write a offer today!! Last night went to mother's she is doing ok, made them supper and today I will go to store for them, they did not need much. They are about the same, Walt in his chair and mother fiddling around the house. I have a slight headache today....grrrrrrr.... so gonna take some sinus meds. and lay back down for a hour or so:))) hugs and make this a great day for you, come rain or shine, you make it what you want it to be!!


Momx6 said...

You are very photogenic, and are looking so thin! Congratulations! I think you should leave the gray behind - go for it! :)

Mom of 3! said...

I am really missing your daily blog posts... please come back!!! :) And we are ALL missing you and DaddyGrand - we need to see you soon!!!!!

Love you!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

C'mon! Boring??? Are you kidding! I love your blog. I've been "away" for a while. I think that writing just comes in spurts, don't you? Anyway, back to the keyboard Linda! And you ARE looking great! C