Thursday, February 18, 2010

WOW its been awhile

I am not sure when I blogged last, Kennedy is doing good, she is breathing on her own and has her drain tube out, there are still some concerns for her but not life threaten!! thank you for praying and Thank you Lord! Keep praying they are testing her for some genetic issues.  I have been running, writing offers and trying to make them work and trying to close loans!  I have been working out and realized I have arm muscles the other day, I can not believe it!!! I bet tomorrow I may not be able to move my arms she worked me out so hard this morning, my arms just shook as I worked them out.  I did push ups on the floor with my legs out and butt down, it was so hard my arms shook, I thought I would fall face first on the floor but I didn’t, did five then took break did other things then did five again and then five more! My arms were so weak when I did side kicks my arm just shook, so I hope my new muscles will keep growing!!! I showed them off today!  I had dinner tonight with my dear friends Sherry Maxwell and Dona Price girlfriends, hannah bd olivia ears 002 

 girlfriends, hannah bd olivia ears 001

Then came home for Hannah’s birthday, Mark had her a cookie cake, she is 30 today:) girlfriends, hannah bd olivia ears 012 girlfriends, hannah bd olivia ears 009

Max lost his first tooth

girlfriends, hannah bd olivia ears 007

April took Olivia to have her ears pierced:((((( GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

girlfriends, hannah bd olivia ears 017 girlfriends, hannah bd olivia ears 019

and now I am in my PJ”so sitting in bed with Steve watching some western, Open Range….I am ready for bed but do feel more energetic then I was last time I blogged:) I miss sharing my thoughts when I do not blog!! hugs and nite

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