Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Touring Tuesday

Today was sales meeting, so as usual we had property tour and then a realtor open house, then I had lunch with a friend and then , yes, then I WROTE a OFFER!! Yea! It has been way to slow for me, I need something to break for real! It has been a busy day and I do not feel as good as I need to yet, tomorrow I have a slower morning so I am trying to rest and get totally well before Miss Mika gets here and the banquet that I have to speak at Friday it will be over 450ish people and I am still nervous about it:((( so keep praying. I have slacked up on boot camp till I can quit coughing, then tonight I saw the lady on biggest loser who had surgery and walked 15 miles the day after because she had to do something to keep the weight coming off....so I will probably try to do more tomorrow, I just have to have a voice Friday night so I have not pushed my self. I am still tired and it shows in my eyes, I am ready to look perky and like I feel good:) Pray for my D-I-L's Papa, he is very sick and needs our prayers. Also Keep Sherry Maxwell in your prayers, it will be a year since Jimmy Maxwell past away last Feb. 12th., it is hard to believe it has been a year. Today is Susie Via's birthday, Steve's sister who past away before Christmas, she is with Jesus on his birthday and hers this year, I miss her:((( but had to let her go. So much going on that needs your prayers, I am thankful God is in control:) Well best go to bed and get my beauty sleep.....hugs and nite!

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