Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday and a date with my man!

Last night I went to CR and enjoyed the cooking and feeding so many people:)) I really should of been a Chief:)) The lesson was on denial:) was a good lesson. April had come over earlier in the day and we had some tense moments due to dishonestly, she came last night which surprised Steve and I both, was praying for her, she is in a crucial place in her life, the kind where you may pay for your mistakes the rest of your life......all I can do is love her and pray for her. Steve and I were very disappointed in she and Seth in their repeated dishonestly and lack of respect, it is just tuff being a mother and daddy:( but God has fresh mercy every morning, keep them in your prayers. Today I am working on getting loans closed, this is a 1.5 million month on closings, so excited!!!! All should be done this time next week and pay days:)) thinking of doing a cruise with my sweetie for his and my Christmas......that is a real vacation!! But this afternoon we are going to the fair and look at the exhibits and animals, horses, bulls, etc.:) I have gate pass so we just drive in and park on the grounds:) will have to eat the fair food tooooooo yummy!! I have not been in years.....may even ride the Farris wheel:) Still hard for me to live with out any babies at home but at the same time I love my alone time with Steve, it has brought us closer together, just renewing our love for each other and the need for each other in our life......oh sooooo much for all the mush!!
Now pray for me, I am still having some Kidney problems, I just got over a Kidney infection about 6 weeks ago and feel as if I am getting another one, not good:(((( I guess it is time to go back again and make sure my kidney is ok still, one of them has a cyst on it so not sure if maybe something is going on with that, last check all was ok and for me not to worry:)
Its going to be such a pretty day here, looking forward to being out side:)) hugs hope you have a great day!

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Alex and Jill said...

So things aren't getting better w/A? :( She's always on my heart...constantly praying.

I think you guys should definitely do a much fun!

Love you!