Friday, October 22, 2010

I did shop!! Amelia's Birthday!

Proud daddy and daddygrand:)

Daddygrand Breakfast:)

skinny leg jeans:)

look at shoes:)

Yesterday when deciding to come home, my best friend/sister Sherry and I went shopping and I found so many things, it is so UN real to me that I can go in any store and fit in the clothes, I surprise my self looking in the mirror:)) I got some skinny leg jeans:))) and some fabulous black heels, so comfortable, they were buy one pair get two pair free, I went in to get Steve his shoes, the only place I can find the ones he wears is at Bass, and they had it so he got two pair and me a pair for 105.00!!!! can't beat that! I got all those clothes for $240ish, I had a 30% off entire purchase!! Then Sherry and I decided to spend the night together:) and we did, I love her so much, we talked about Jimmy and missed him, life can take you down many roads, now getting ready to eat and get back to the real life:)) but this has been a fun break and restful and enlightening time for me:) Gotta work this afternoon:) then keep Jared's girls so they can close on their home, wanting Hannah to come in town but not sure if they can, Mark has to work......blah!! hugs and have a great day! This is Amelia's first birthday!!!

Ok, I did not post this on time so since post, I had offered to keep Jared and Jenn's girls for the night so they could go out, then Hannah called and she she would be in town, so we had Six grand babies spend the night, Steve made a daddy grand breakfast:)) fun, fun, fun, but tired, tired, tired:) Then we went to Amelia's Birthday Party, then kept Blake and Olivia for a few days so Hannah can rest, she has been pretty sick with this pregancy. Gonna be a fun week, we love haivng them and the best part is when we ware out we can take them home:)) Enjoy pics:)

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