Sunday, October 10, 2010


WOW!!!! Having a fun weekend, went to Hannah's and watched Max play foot ball, they are in the high school stadium with cheerleaders and and announcer:) small towns are so much fun and different:) I will post pics....before we got there we went by and saw Dr. Wanda Stephens and I was able to tell her I will see her later, she is in her very last days with liver cancer, made me think again she was the daughter of the Ward's in Conway, had private jet and very wealthy, they had Ward Bus, then she was a very successful Dr. owning Living Hope Institute, she lived in the finest of homes and had the best of the best money could buy and now she is indigent in a nursing home, her room was plain nor frills and life was at its end..........makes me again think you never see a Hurst pulling a u-haul, this was Jimmy Maxwell's saying. Reminds me not to lay up treasures on earth but in Heaven because that is where your treasure is:))) and what is important in this life, we are just passing though! I know she is ready to see Jesus and very peaceful, no worries in her life now:))

We spent the night with Hannah and her family then came home Saturday, I got so sleepy coming home and dozed off and on, when I got home Steve went to Jared's fro the Hog game and I took a three hour nap!! Felt soooooooooo gooooood!! Then Alicia and I went to dinner and had some us time:)) much needed! Then Sean and Anna and Cole spent the night and we all went to bed pretty early. I have a full week of work this week, have seven loans to close:)) YAHOOOO! and that means lots of paper work:(( I will close about 1.5 million in October, so that will get my production up, it has been a slower year for me but still a good one. This morning we are going to church then go ride Apache with Anna and Sean and Cole, the to church at Journey, Kevin is preaching tonight, I know that helped Alex, I do not know how Alex does all he does, other then God's grace:)) By the way October is Pastor appreciation month:)) FYI.......well gotta run to office before church for open house flyer's for one of my get going...HUGS!!

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