Sunday, October 17, 2010

A restful day!

me and Lynn Williams, she now lives in Texas

Angie Lessingberry, Elizabeth Simpson, Lynn Williams, Pegi Leaman, Jon Light
Me and Alexandria, I needed to wash and do my hair, can not believe I did not do that:((( it is too flat

me and my honey before we left

Had a great time last night at Cajun's, was a little nervous about going, in High School I was in Central in the 10th grade and then they changed us all up and I went to Parkview in the 11th and 12th grade, which made me separate from my best friends:((( Karen Beasley who I had since I was three stayed at Central, Debbie Reed adn Joanne Brown went to Hall, so needless to say it was like starting over again in Parkview, my life was more into my horses and my friends in other schools, so I told Steve this may not be like at your reunions when you were Mr. Central High, I was a no body, I did have friends but was not involved in clubs, I did enjoy seeing some of them, a lot were not there, everyone enjoyed seeing each other:) So glad I went!! Today went to Journey Church, it was good, Alex is and anointed preacher:)) then went to Kohl's spent my Kohl bucks and came home and took a long nap, did not go to church this evening, now just chillin but getting ready to go to bed, have a full week:) All is good with my family......HUGS and NITE

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