Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tribute to Diesel Dog Averitt 10/07/2010

Alex and his best Friend Diesel Dog Averitt
His duh duh, duh duh face:)))

This may be a tear jerker so quit reading if you do not want to cry with me. I am just so sad, Alex called could not even talk for crying to tell me Diesel died last night, I knew when Steve and I went out yesterday to pray for him, he was barley alive, he was just so sick, Alex had decided last night that if the blood report was bad this am he would put him to sleep, Steve was going with him, I felt I would make a scene, like just fall on the floor and cry and never quit, I have so much grief in my heart right now, over several things. At the same time, I can say I am thankful cause it could be a lot know there is a saying, puppy love is puppy love but it still hurts, which means it may not be as bad as hurting when your in real love, but hurt is hurt, sometimes I feel guilty for hurting over a dog' sickness when I know people who just lost their mother, but my heart hurts for my son and for sweet Jill, she is second guessing her self and doing the "what ifs", which we all do, but when it is all said and done I know in my heart Diesel was a wonderful dog and was so loved, they would of done anything for him and did, when Alex first got him, Diesel did not realize how big he was and would just about knock you over trying to sit in your lap:) One time I was in their back bedroom taking a nap, it is when Steve and I were doing our home and living at Alex's during that time, Diesel jumped on the bed and laid beside me, keep in mind he was as big as me:) well as big as me now:) He snored like a real person and when he passed gas it would run you out of the house. He had a duh duh, duh duh attitude, I called him Amelia's Clifford dog:)) if your not sure of who that it it is a BIG red dog on tv:) I loved diesel, even got him a privacy fence so he could be in the back yard, since he was too big for the house, I remember when Alex made him a heated dog house, of course they used their whole deck for his house:)) He was a good dog and a obedient dog, Alex taught him from a baby and he was so smart, when Alex would feed him, he would sit and not move till Alex told him he could eat. He was my Cali's ( sm. wennie dog ) boy friend and Diesel would be so gentle with her even though he could of ate her in one bite:) I was not sure of his color when Alex first got him, he was a brindle and I thought how ugly BUT his sweet huge face and eyes won me over:0 I feel better talking about him, gonna miss him and I know they will, dogs really are a best friend to us;) I love you Diesel and I am thankful all dogs go to Heaven!!!

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Alex and Jill said...

Such a sweet post. *crying* We already miss him so much. It's going to take some time for our hearts to stop hurting. Love you.