Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Got my running shoes on!

So much has happened since I blogged last time, Steve and I kept Blake and Olivia with us this week, so my blogging has been on hold, I have worked and cared fro mother and my sweet grand babies:)) but I am tired.....Sunday we went to church and it was such a blessing, the church had surprised Alex with and appreciation skit, some dressed as the village people and sang to A-L-E-X! Then we had given gift cards and wrote appreciating cards to them.....they loved it. We went to US PIZZA after that for a wedding shower for a couple in the church:) then came home and took a nap......Monday I did not have appointments till later int he day, so I just enjoyed Blake and Olivia, then Victoria came over to help daddygrand with the kiddos while I worked, I showed property then taught a class, it was fun, Byron and I taught together, made me a little nervous with him in the class but I got over it pretty quick...just kicked in gear in my teaching mode....real estate is just in my blood. Then got home to my babies missing me:) this morning I had sales meeting and work and Steve did great with them, he had them fed and the house straight and them laying down for a nap when I got home, I was totally impressed! Then I went to the store for mother and me and went and visited mother and Kay, April got there at four. I miss her:((( Its hard letting go but I have:) I then showed a listing Alicia has in Maumelle to a buyer and then we went to eat at Texas Road House, Olivia ate her whole steak, Blake did not want to, but when he was told it will make him so strong he ate and ate!! Now they are in bed, one good thing they go to bed early but I am so tired I do too:))) That is where I am heading asap:)) They sleep good:) and so do we. I just can not image being my age and having a two and three year old, I would totally run out of energy....even thought I love every minute of my time with them, we have rocked,played, colored, sang, prayed and had fun:) Tomorrow Alicia has some medical testing, so I am taking them to Heather's to watch them, I have my BIG closing tomorrow and out of that commission I and Steve may go on a cruise out of New Orland's on Dec. 4th, Carnival Triumph if anyone else can go:)) I have not booked it till I actually close the loan because anything can happen, but it looks like it will close!! So far in Oct. I have closed over a million in real estate!! Now I am ready to have family and Holiday time:)) We go a week vacation after Christmas with the Haley's to Branson.....cannot wait......renting a big log cabin:)) I just love the Holiday's......Christmas will be out at my house in November, so I can enjoy it since I am gone so much:)) Well going to bed tomorrow will be busy we have church tomorrow night and then Thursday will be easier, I have a Real Estate friend who was 49 and had a massive heart attack, her funeral is Thursday night at 6:00....so sad, if I have learned one thing this year it is live for today and let those you love know it, you have no ideal what tomorrow holds.......hugs and nite

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