Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hummmmmm....after reading my friends "c" blog stickhorse cowgirls, I am thinking on really doing a blog on many different things like she does, it is always thought provoking and good and has humor! I usually just do my blog like a daily journal on me and what is going on, what I am thinking:) but I love her blogs....gonna have to think on this:) It has been too long since I blogged, many moons ago, going to try to catch you up:) This week has been a god week, Steve and I went to church with Sarah Monday, they had a guest speaker/revival, she preached on maintenance in our lives. Was a convicting message and the Lord really did some work in me:) Tues. was a full day with work and when I got home I just satin my chair and watched ncsi, not sure the name but just chilled with Steve, did not get home till after sixish:(. Have loans to close this week, most will be next week, I just am so different in real estate now, I would normally just push and push and pitch fits to get it done on time, the market is so different now, it is much harder to get a loan and then when you do you are at their mercy, so I have mellowed:)) not so much with Fletcher car broke AGAIN and we took it on Friday, i called daily but they did not work on it till Monday and then never could get a answer till Tuesday, so I did leave the service mgr. and gen mgr. a msg. to make it clear I was trying to be patient but if they did not have time for my business then tell me and I will take it somewhere else, you know I am working on my cussing problems, I did tell them that I can be a real B---- but was doing my best to keep my cool:) and not let her out:) They called Steve back and let him know what was wrong:)) suppose to get it today. I just do not get it when people do not return calls or seem to care about your my line of work if I did that I would not have a business! On their behalf they did get my warranty to pay for the work:) Jenn had Amelia for a bit Wednesday so I got the AVeritt girls and brought them to my house to play some, totally loved it!!! then went to step study and afterwards had diner with a new friend:)) Mother was with April yesterday and got her hair done and they did toes and nails Tuesday night, she loves going with her:) They bot enjoy each other! Mother's memory seems worse to me, she still is doing well just progressing faster then I care to admit, so pray for her to maintain, scripture says, Blessed is the memory of the righteous!! Today the weather is wonderful and I have a full day, got to go to court house asap to file a POA on mother so I can get her house closed, then to Sam's to get food to cook for Celebrate Recovery tonight, I get to cook again!! CR is a group that meets for life's hurts,habits and hangups, a great group and has helped me in this journey I am in now:)) God is helping me to learn to trust people/friends again, with our church problems a few years back, I put walls up so I would not be hurt again, unfortunately when you put walls up, it only hurts you and keeps you from being full filled in any new church or of the things God did Monday night was bring healing in that area, so I can trust again:0
Last week I got to see everyone of my grand nice, Sean, Anna and Cole spent the night:) and we saw Mcgill's then Amelia and haley's and Averitt was wonderful, I could be with those babies all the time:)0 well got to go and get busy lot of things to get done today:) hugs Keep April in your prayers:) I have come a place of peace with her and that is good:)) She is in God's hands:))


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