Saturday, October 16, 2010

40 years?????? can it be?????

Today I will be going to Cajun's to see my high school friends of the class of 1971......Lord Help....forty years, maybe that looks better then 40...nope they both sound like a lot:)) of years. Looking forward to seeing them. Been a slow day, had a walk through this am to get a home close this week, it went well:)) We did not go to the fair last night, just stayed in ate left overs and watched tv, I was tired and so was Steve......guess its the 40 years:))) tee hee

Had my nails done so they will be pretty:) and going to take a jacuzzi bath and get ready, I feel like I could take a nap, doing my nails made me so sleepy!! I did go eat with Jared and Steve Chinese before I had them done, that did not help! The hogs are playing right now and the score is tied, they best do something different if they want to win this game;) but maybe they will.

Best go and start getting ready:) hope your day is going good and your weather is like mine:) beautiful!!

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