Friday, October 8, 2010

Its A New Day!

me and my brother, Jimmy Rogers

Alicia and JP

Jack number one, makes me nervous watching him play, he is one tuff little man!

Anna on Apache, she can ride very well:)) reminds me of me when I was little:)

Reminds me of the song, its a brand new day and I think God for the weather!! Its a children's song:)) Steve and I both woke up about 4ish:((((( Decided to go ahead and get up when neither of us could get back to sleep, and this morning I could of slept late!! Yesterday I kept my self running, had a fun lunch with my cousins and brother,his wife and Alicia and Steve, it was JP's birthday:) then came home and cooked and cooked for church that night, I did the Cafe:) Hannah came in town and brought the children by, she had Drs. appointment, they did a ultra sound and all is well with little Mcgill:) then I went and had Peyton and Laila come and play with their cousins and miss Mikka, it was fun and loud and rowdy:)) Took all my cooking to the church, mother and her care giver Connie came, mother loved it, Alicia and her family and Hannah and her family came and ate:)) I loved it, I always want to have a restaurant but I do not want to have to run it or cook every day so this was fun to me, and the people ate and ate, they enjoyed it and that makes any cook happy:) I made two huge trays of sour cream chicken, green beans w/new potatoes, purple hull peas, corn on cob,mac and cheese, home made:) rolls, corn bread muffins, fudge cake and tea..........if I cook next week I am doing a hamburger,onion,noodle casserole, squash casserole, corn, green bean casserole, rolls, yellow cake with fudge sauce, tea:)) so we will see if they need me to cook:) Today I am cleaning my house, then working at office on loans closing, then going to Van Buren for the night, watching Max play foot ball, Jack and Victoria went home with them, we will bring them back Saturday. I miss my Mcgill babies:)) Mother is doing good, things are about the same with her, Kay is home from her honey moon :)) Steve will need surgery on his Ulner nerve, this is a nerve that runs in your fore arm, his hand and fingers go numb and he has damage, if he does not have it then his hands will curl into a claw position, he is bummed about this, he would like to wait till January to have it, if it will not be more damage, waiting to hear what the Dr. says, he is sick of surgery, so say a prayer for him. I am daily giving April to the Lord and trusting Him for her safety:)) sometimes its several times a day:) be glad when I can just totally let it go and trust and not worry.

I hope you have a good day:)) HUGS, one other thing, we will go by and see DR. Wanda Stephens in Conway today, she has about a week to live, she has liver cancer so keep her in your prayers, I worked for her when I worked at Living Hope Psych unit, she is a wonderful Christan lady and been my friend for 20 years.

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