Thursday, October 28, 2010

Going to get some rest:))

Blake riding bull at Fall Fest

Jack on Bull
Victoria on Bull

Victoria, Anna, Blake, Olivia

Well we took the babies back to Hannah and Mark, I am totally wore out but miss them so much:) I have plenty to do but too tired to care:) My dear friend Dr. Wanda Stephens past away, her visitation is tomorrow and funeral is Saturday. I am grateful she is with her sweet Jesus, she totally depended on Him for her life, she taught me so much!! On the bright side I closed my real estate deal!! I am taking Steve on a cruise for Christmas this year, we go Nov. 14th on a Western Caribbean, wish anyone who wants to go would come with us! I can not believe we are actually doing it, a cruise is the best vacation I have ever had, so needless to say I am real excited!!!

Hummmm.....cannot believe I can just sit in my chair and not have to get up and help Olivia or Blake calling me from the bath does feel good, this is why we have our babies when we are young:))
Mother is doing the same, she enjoys her home and thinks it is totally winter, keeps her house about 85! Tonight is colder so I am sure she has it toasty in her house!! Faye our care giver is there right now, I am so thankful for caregivers, just do not like how much it cost:( I am thankful she has the money to care for her self. Part of me wishes she lived with me but then I know I am not ready for that yet, sounds selfish of me to say but I am not sue I can do that yet, if I had to I would and make the best of it, but I am thankful Walt took care of her to where she can have her own home and things she loves, she is happy and settled:) Kay had some test on her heart today, when they did the stress test in which was the kind when they speed the heart up with meds, she had a episode, like a seizure, she could hear them but not respond, so her heart did something but it was all on tape and they will know about it and what to do, seems like she does not need to over do till they figure it out. Scares me but she has real peace and thinks all is fine:) we will know when she sees her heart Doctor. April is still doing her own thing, does not come by and only calls when she needs something, her phone is broke so it is hard to communicate with her unless I go through Seth:( Still letting her be in the hands of the Lord and letting her go daily....praying He does his work and still can keep her self:) Well going to go to bed....get some rest, clean my house tomorrow and probably miss my Mcgill babies:) hugs and nite

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