Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wonderful wednesday

This has been a fast week:) Monday had work, Tuesday had work, then decided to have a me day, I have had a quiet time, been holed up just me, took a long bath and just relaxed, then went shopping, did not find anything, then ate out and now in bed on lap top watching tv:) Trying to get loans closed, its been stressful on that part:(( but I did not let it take me away form my me time:) Connie is with mother then April comes tomorrow at 1pm. Kay went to heart Dr. today and all is ok there, we think, she has a stress test next week, she has a pace maker and has not felt the best, so keep her in your prayers:) Alicia has not felt well either she has some test next week, and poor little Amelia has strep throat and has been real sick, her birthday is Saturday so pray she is well:) needs lots of prayers:) mother is doing good, she and Connie went out to eat tonight, she enjoys getting out. Steve went to the deer woods today to get it all ready, he needed to being the woods it is a place of serenity for him:) This has been a serenity day for me, sometime real estate is so stressful:((( but that is what separates the good Realtors form the ones who do not last in this business:) well going to bed..night and hugs

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