Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pray for Diesel

Alex and Diesel dog, Diesel needs a miracle for his kidneys to work, so pray for him please.

Well had a fun weekend, Sunday we took Anna tot he barn and she rode Apache, she is a good rider and learns well, she wants to ride more and I want to work with her more on riding:))) Going to see if I can get her a couple days a month form school and we ride:) then we went and watched Jack play foot ball which makes me nervous, it just scares me for him to be tackled:))) Mother's leg is much better:) Kay took her to eye Dr. today, I am assuming all is well, Kay left her mobil at mother's and she is not home so not sure, but Kay would of said if something was wrong, it as just a check up. Steve went and checked out her heat and turn it on this am, it was 44 here. I have not turned my on but did get a new pair of flannel pj's today at Sam's:)) Today was not a hard day at work, working on getting loans closed:) Have to be at dentist at 8am....what was I thinking, getting teeth cleaned, my least favorite thing to do;) but needed:) My heart is heavy for April, she has created distance between her family and her self, as far as I know she will move out of Jill and Alex's , April is at a critical place in her life right now, so please keep her in your prayers, I think she will live with Seth's parents but not totally for sure, my desire is for her to come and go to school:) she is at mother's tonight, she states she is happy, so I pray she is, her family is sure heart broke for her, far from happy. We do not dislike the Harris, or Seth, but instead of Seth changing, April is the one changing:( Alex and Jill's dog Diesel is real sick and needs a miracle for his kidneys to work, he is in kidney failure so please please pray for him to be healed:)

I have pics of Anna riding but not sure where I put my camera but will post them asap:) I will post Diesels pic, this is Alex and Jill's fur baby:)) well hope your day was good, I do have peace in my heart even though it is heavy for April. Hugs and Nite

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